1. Documentation of works of art or collections.
  2. Registration for internet auctions.
  3. Documentation and description of items for auctions.
  4. Initial valuation.
  5. Written valuation.
  6. Expert evaluation.
  7. Photography of works of art.
  8. Filming of works of art, exhibitions of antiques and architecture.
  9. Photographic services at the client's premises.
  10. Documentation of exhibitions.
  11. Documentation of the artist's output.
  12. Consultation on restoration and other services.
  13. Indexing works of art.
  14. Creating and designing websites.

  1. Collecting and recording data.
  2. Organizing internet auctions.
  3. Conducting internet auctions on behalf of the owners of works of art.
  4. Searching for missing works of art.
  5. Framing.
  6. Packing and transportation of works of art.
  7. Consulting and facilitating permission to export works of art from Poland.
  8. Making copies, models and reproductions.
  9. Facilitating private photographic collections for publishing purposes.
  10. Preparing limited editions of albums for publishing purposes.
  11. Inventories of architectural structures.
  12. Consultation and interior design.

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